Trend Watch: Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler send-offs abound in the post-rice-throwing era. They are popular for their festive appeal and also make the most photogenic option for a formal goodbye. Twinkling wands of light held by each guest make lovely, celebratory photo opportunities. They are perfect for that last dreamy kiss picture before you are bundled away into the honeymoon getaway car. The images will also hold a powerful symbolic message, similar to when everyone at a concert is moved to raise their lighters, carried away by the need to show the band the feeling in their hearts.

Important to remember: All sparklers are not created equal.

  1. You will need a lot more than just a few boxes of the standard issue sparklers we give to the kids on the Fourth of July. By the time everyone has lit them, the first half of people will have theirs already burned out. Trust me, no matter how clearly you tell them, “let’s all light them at the same time,” there is a huge margin of error.

  2. There are sparklers that, once lit, give off the small glittering sprinkles of light that you want. There are also sparklers that, when lit, become a tiny hissing flamethrower and will leave you and your beloved ducking and running lest you are asphyxiated by smoke or burned by the tiny rockets being waved about by your tipsy relations. Yes, I have seen this happen.

  3. We recommend this style, at least 20inches. They will burn gently for several minutes with soft light and give you the swoon-worthy (and safe) send-off of your soon-to-be-realized-dreams.

Blog post written by: Kismet Lee
Photo credit: Matt Priestman