"Thank you for being the most gracious host in my recent visit to Lairmont Manor where I had the honor and pleasure to officiate at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Elia Petridis. The Manor is beautiful, a wonderful setting for the beginning of such a profound and glorious relationship for these two fine young people. The history and charm of the Lairmont Manor is known far and wide but for me, my introduction to its breathtaking facilities on such a solemn occasion was a rare delight. I wish happiness and success to you at the Manor and to all the fortunate couples who may say their vows there in the future!"
—Ernest Borgnine

"The Manor hosted Kyle and Amber and we had the privilege of capturing their wedding day. We just finished their wedding "trailer" video, and although it focuses mainly on the couple, the manor and grounds are looking beautiful as ever."
—Fred Sprinkle, Hands on Films

"I simply cannot recommend this venue enough! My new husband and I looked at dozens of locations in the Bellingham/Seattle area and the charm and sophisticated beauty of The Lairmont Manor captured our hearts immediately."

"As a bride, there were so many things that were on my mind during the week of my wedding. But one thing I did NOT worry about was the elegant beauty of our venue and the professionalism of the Lairmont staff."

"Due to our international union, we hosted guests from all corners of the world. Now after the fact, the one comment I hear repeatedly was that the journey to The Lairmont Manor in Bellingham, WA was entirely worth the 12 hour plane ride! I couldn't agree more!"
—M. Hay

"We stayed at Lairmont Manor and had a delightful time. It's nice to be appreciated as a tenant and please know you are appreciated as an owner. Thanks for all."
—David M.

"We chose Lairmont Manor for our daughter's wedding because of its lovely natural surroundings. The gardens are to die for. There is a peaceful feeling about the manor that just soothes your soul. With a very minimum amount of added decor the manor presents a fairy tale feeling. The staff met all of our expectations and the prices quoted were the prices charged. Without reservation I would highly recommend the manor for a wedding or special event!"
—Susan (Mother of Bride)

"Thank you so much.  It was a beautiful weekend and I appreciate everything you and your staff did to contribute to the lovely wedding for Ginger & Andrey. The Lairmont Manor and staff went above and beyond to create a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere. We will recommend you highly."